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Book anywhere and track all your trip details with the Trip Builder, accessing your trip with the Mobile Trip Profile
Recent Updates
Google Image Search & Language Translation July 2024
Update to the main Mobile Profile page to include a link to a new page providing high level information on how to use Google Image Search and Language Translation.  These are two very helpful Google features that may come in handy during your travels.  From the page, there is a direct link to Google to easily access the features.
Mobile Blogging & Mobile Photo Upload Q2 2024
Mobile Trip Profile - Premium Services: Apply to any trip to access Mobile Blogging (Trip, Location & Activity levels) and Mobile Photo Upload (Trip Activities).
How these Premium Services integrate seamlessly with Mobile Features 
Mobile Blogging
Blog Review & Edit
Mobile Photo Upload
Activity Photo Timeline
The eTripCafe Shop (Coming Soon)
Trip Builder Overview
Pre-Travel Research & Planning
Interactive Map Search
Mobile Trip Access
Access all your trip details using the Mobile Trip Profile on your Smartphone, guiding you through your entire journey; every step of the way.

There is no need to install another app on your phone, simply access the mobile webpage and logon to view all your trip details.

The interactive Mobile Trip Profile allows you to easily navigate through all your planned activities to view your notes, photos, websites and use GPS Navigation.

Select the following link to view some of the Mobile Functions.

Mobile Trip Profile access is a subscription based service but you can try it absolutely Free with our Free Trial.  Read more about our subscription plans on our Mobile Subscriptions page.

1. Using the web browser on your Smartphone, navigate to the following site or scan the below QR Code.

eTripCafe Mobile

2. Login to your account

3. Select the trip photo to view a Mobile Trip Profile

Once your Free Trail or Mobile Subscription has been activated, click the mobile link to view the Mobile Trip Profile in your web browser, just as you would on your phone.  Read More

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